gpkit.solvers package


gpkit.solvers.cvxopt module

gpkit.solvers.mosek_cli module

Module for using the MOSEK EXPOPT command line interface


result = _mosek.cli_expopt.imize(cs, A, p_idxs, "gpkit_mosek")

gpkit.solvers.mosek_cli.assert_equal(received, expected)

Asserts that a file’s next line is as expected.

gpkit.solvers.mosek_cli.optimize_generator(path=None, **_)

Constructor for the MOSEK CLI solver function.

path : str (optional)
The directory in which to put the MOSEK CLI input/output files. By default uses a system-appropriate temp directory.

Read numeric values until a blank line occurs.

gpkit.solvers.mosek_cli.remove_read_only(func, path, exc)

If we can’t remove a file/directory, change permissions and try again.

gpkit.solvers.mosek_cli.write_output_file(filename, c, A, p_idxs)

Writes a mosekexpopt compatible GP description to filename.

gpkit.solvers.mosek_conif module

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